This application is written in Python code and built using the Streamlit App Framework and uses a PostgreSQL database. It is a multilingual and multi-page application with the purpose of storing for each user medical data for each type of examination, making calculations, presenting the results in graphs, tables and much more.

It is a multi-page application using PostgreSQL database through the open source Supabase platform.

It is a multilingual app using gettext python package to create .mo files and strings ready for translation.

When starting it, the first page is about an introduction and a brief explanation about it.

On the second page “Import User” there is a form where the user is able to add a new user with their details to the database.

On the next page “Insert Medical Data” the user is able to add a new medical results. At the beginning we see that it is necessary to report which user it is for, then he chooses what type of examination he wants to insert data and finally, between the fields, he writes the values ​​and insert them in the database.

On the next page “Medical Data Results” the user can extract examination results related to any user. At the beginning, a reference is made for which user it is, then the user selects the type of examinations he wants to export, then selects the chronological dates he wishes to display in a table.

On the next page “Charts” the user can view charts related to any exam results. At the beginning he chooses which user he wants, then he chooses the type of examination and finally he can choose between any examination indicator to display in a graph.

Python 3.10 V

Packages used:
– streamlit
– streamlit_option_menu
– numpy
– pandas
– plotly
– supabase
– pillow

Service used:
– Hosted at Streamlit Cloud
– Supabase platform database

– Multilingual
– Multi-pages
– Insert/Delete Data
– Display tables/charts